Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hire SEO Expert and get effective way to crawl your video

Most of the time website and video not get crawled by search engines because of technical problems. Video sitemaps are best way to get crawled by search engine they provide effective way to be crawled by web crawlers. Hire SEO Expert from our Dallas based company and get effective technique to get crawl your videos by web crawlers.

Video Sitemaps

Reasons why your video not gets crawled by search engines:

1)      You are not providing appropriate title
2)      URL is not keyword oriented or not containing your main keyword
3)      No relevant description for video
Add Video Sitemap

Once you have created video you need to make sure that Goggle can find and crawl your video. Video sitemaps ensures that Googlebot can find your all pages in which you have used video. Video sitemaps help you to publish and syndicate your video. It’s not always easy to get top ranking of your video for all keywords but you can easily get in Google video searches via video sitemaps it is the best way to getting traffic.

Once your sitemap created, you can submit URL of your sitemap on Google webmaster tool. Give relevant title and description in video sitemap helps your video to get easily found by search engine. You can create upto 50,000 videos with the help of video sitemaps.

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